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Why We're Different

A Personalized Approach to ABA

There's a common saying, “If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism." Autism is a spectrum, and each child's needs are unique.  At Thrive Behavior Centers, our team works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan for your child.

We avoid the cookie-cutter approach that is common at many ABA centers. We make sure we have all the important information about your child, from the person who knows them best... you.

Our clinical team is well-versed in the science of ABA, but we're also committed to being a caring and supportive resource for your family.  We specialize in early intervention, and know how important those early years are. Our clinicians and technicians build relationships with you, so we can work together to help your child thrive.

Your Child's Therapy Team

ABA is different... it more intensive than most therapies (usually 30-40 hours per week), and there are more professionals on your child's therapy team. At Thrive Behavior Centers, we invest in the best clinicians and technicians, so your child gets the best ABA therapy.

At Thrive Behavior Centers, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), leads your child's team. Our BCBAs have extensive experience in working with kids with autism and create a personalized treatment plan for your child. BCBAs don't usually work directly with your child, but they supervise therapy sessions and constantly monitor and update goals and strategies.

Behavior Technicians conduct your child's therapy sessions, under a BCBA's supervision. Thrive Behavior Centers requires our Behavior Technicians to earn their Registered Behavior Technician certification. That means our technicians meet a higher ethical standard and demonstrate more in-depth ABA knowledge.

Our Chief Clinical Officer is not only a BCBA, but also a mom of a child with autism.  She knows the challenges of autism first hand, and sets the standard for our entire clinical team.
We're committed to your child's success.  We listen.  We're supportive.  We love being part of every new milestone your child accomplishes.

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Centers Designed for Play-based Learning

Thrive Behavior Centers are bright and kid-friendly.  Your child’s day at ABA therapy often resembles a school or preschool environment, but with a one-on-one Behavior Technician to child ratio. We also use different research-based strategies and techniques to teach your child functional skills that they will use throughout their lives. We are also aware that your child is just that - a child. You’ll often see our Behavior Technicians and BCBAs on the floor with your child, singing songs, blowing bubbles, and acting silly… all to make learning fun.

Safety and Accountability

We know it can be difficult to leave your child somewhere new.  Our centers have cameras in all therapy rooms and common areas to encourage safety and accountability.  Our BCBAs can also access the video through a secure server, so even if they aren’t in the room, they can see new skills developing or analyze the best way to help reduce a challenging behavior.  Videos are also a great resource for training our staff and sharing milestones and strategies with parents during our parent education and training sessions.


Fun, Flexible Learning Spaces

Our therapy rooms are great places to learn and play.  We have private and small group rooms.  Private rooms provide a quiet, distraction-free learning environment.  Our small group rooms are great places to work on social skills and play games.

Each center also has fun flex space.  Our flex spaces are designed for naturalistic teaching and sensory stimulation.  Flex spaces are great for circle time, group games, and - most importantly -  to get the wiggles out.  Each center has crash mats, play structures and sensory swings.

Purposeful Play, All Day

Our clients are kids, and we treat them like kids. ABA therapy doesn't have to be boring or robotic. We set up fun learning opportunities throughout every session, even at lunch and snack times. We get creative with arts and crafts, sing songs, play games, and incorporate giggles, laughs and silliness into every therapy session.

The Thrive Treatment Model

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) is the core concept of the Thrive Treatment Model. We specialize in helping these early learners meet milestones. EIBI treatment is intensive ABA for early learners, usually between 30 and 40 therapy hours per week.  It emphasizes teaching functional communication and play, along with daily living and social skills. At the same time, we use ABA principles to reduce challenging behaviors. Parent training is also a critical part of our treatment model.

Focus on Communication

When we talk about behavior change, we often think of challenging behaviors like intense tantrums.  But kids with autism tend to engage in those behaviors because they struggle to communicate.  That's why we focus on communication at Thrive.

Gaining the ability to tell you what he wants, or how he is feeling - is life changing for a child with autism.  Our treatment model is built on the concept that intensive intervention now will lead to lasting behavior changes.  Those changes will help decrease your child's need for extra support further down the road.  We're here to help your child take the first steps to learning life-changing communication skills.

Practical Parent Education

Parent education and training is also a huge part of the Thrive Treatment Model.   Research has shown that just sending your child to ABA therapy isn't enough. Real changes in your child's behavior come from consistency across environments. We ask for your commitment to ensure your child is getting the most out of his or her therapy.

Kids with autism learn differently. That means they don't always respond to "traditional" parenting or discipline. We're not here to judge your parenting. Our BCBAs are committed to teaching you practical ways to apply ABA strategies with your child. Our experienced team can help you learn new, effective ways to respond to your child's unique needs.

What We Teach