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What is a BCBA?
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September 16, 2020

What is a BCBA?

ABA is unique in it’s team approach to therapy. Each of your child’s therapy team members has distinct role. At Thrive Behavior Centers, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, or BCBA, leads your child’s clinical team. Check out this short video for a quick summary of what a BCBA does.

Thrive Behavior Centers’ BCBAs are experts in ABA therapy.  They use a mix of assessments, in-person observation, information from you, and data from therapy sessions to make sure your child’s personalized treatment plan stays on track. Our BCBAs are hands-on and closely monitor your child’s progress.

A BCBA is a clinician who has a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis or a related field, who has had at least 1500 hours of clinical supervision by another BCBA, and has passed the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s certification exam.  Our BCBAs are also Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBA) in the state of Texas.

At Thrive Behavior Centers, our BCBAs are Clinical Supervisors.  That means BCBAs don’t usually conduct direct therapy sessions — that’s usually done by your child’s Behavior Technician or RBT.  BCBAs regularly supervise your child’s behavior technicians in therapy sessions with your child.  During supervision, BCBAs observe your child, model interventions, analyze data, update programs, and provide child-specific training to technicians.  Your child’s BCBA leads his or her clinical team and makes all clinical decisions regarding treatment (with your help).  They’re also your point of contact for any questions or concerns regarding your child’s therapy.

Here’s a quick look at what your child’s BCBA does:

  • Leads your child’s therapy team
  • Develops your child’s treatment plan
  • Creates Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) to reduce challenging behaviors
  • Analyzes data and assesses progress
  • Directly supervises and trains RBTs
  • Conducts all parent training sessions
  • Writes treatment reports to submit to insurance for authorization
  • Collaborates with other therapists, educators, physicians, and specialists about your child’s treatment
  • Provides supervision and training for technicians working on BCBA certification

For more information about the BCBA certification, click here to visit the BACB’s website.

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