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Our Team’s Specialized Training for Challenging Behaviors
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September 21, 2020

Our Team’s Specialized Training for Challenging Behaviors

A Safer Approach to Challenging Behaviors
Some children with autism can engage in dangerous challenging behaviors. Children with autism often have communication delays. Those delays can make it hard for your child to express even basic wants and needs. That frustration often leads to challenging behaviors. In some cases, children with autism can have severe challenging behaviors, even to the point they can hurt themselves or others.

Our clinical team is trained using the Safety-Care® Behavioral Training Program. Safety-Care® focuses on safe de-escalation of challenging behaviors and helps prevent the need to intervene with more restrictive strategies. Safety-Care® is ABA-based. It’s built on the principles of teaching safe, functional communication behaviors and resolving potential crisis situations before they become dangerous. Click here to find out more about Safety-Care ®.

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