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Center-Based ABA Therapy | Aledo and Willow Park, TX

Welcome to Thrive Behavior Centers — the first and only ABA therapy center in the Aledo and Willow Park community. Here, our team will build a personalized ABA therapy roadmap for your child using purposeful play, communication skill-building, and expertise you can trust.

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You can find us at:

161 JD Towles Dr.
Willow Park, TX, 76087

Driving Directions

From Weatherford on I-20E, take Exit 415 toward Mikus Rd/Annetta. Turn left onto Mikus Rd. From there, take a right on Crown Rd., then another right onto Crown Pointe Blvd. We’re on the left off of Crown Pointe Blvd, just past Willow Park Rehabilitation and Care.

From Ft. Worth, take I-30W to 1-20W. Shortly after you merge onto I-20W, you’ll take Exit 415 toward Mikus Rd. Follow the frontage road to Crown Pointe Blvd. We’re about half a mile down on your left.

You can find us at:
161 JD Towles Dr.
Willow Park, TX, 76087

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Thrive Behavior Centers is now accepting new clients in the Aledo and Willow Park area. We’re the only ABA therapy center in the community and we’re ready to support you and your early learner. Fill out our intake form to get started!

A Glimpse Into Our ABA Therapy Center in Aledo and Willow Park

At Thrive Behavior Centers, no two ABA therapy sessions are the same — because no two children are the same. In our bright, sunny center, you’ll find a compassionate, experienced clinical team that applies evidence-based therapy to help your child thrive.

Personalized ABA Therapy Comes to Aledo and Willow Park

The Thrive Behavior Centers team is here to provide your child with personalized ABA therapy.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) is the core of our treatment model. We specialize in helping early learners from toddlers to early elementary age meet developmental milestones.

Focus on Communication

Challenging behaviors often arise when children have trouble expressing how they feel and what they need. We focus on the development of communication skills to empower your child.

Practical Parent Education

Our team will teach you how to use ABA therapy strategies at home, leading to consistent expectations across environments and a well-supported child.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Autism — or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) — is an umbrella term for a range of challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication.

The various subtypes of autism can be brought on by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Autism spectrum disorders present as a distinct set of strengths and challenges in each individual, causing them to learn, think, and solve problems differently. From highly skilled to severely challenged, people with ASD require varying amounts of support.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most effective research-based intervention for children with autism. ABA therapy applies proven strategies and techniques to teach new skills.

Our ABA therapy team helps your child meet milestones. We promote independence with toilet training, functional communication, and social skills while working to reduce challenging behaviors.

Thrive Behavior Centers is the only center-based ABA therapy provider in the Aledo and Willow Park area. We specialize in early intervention for young children with autism and create personalized plans for each child that build on their unique skills.

The team at Thrive Behavior Centers is on a mission to provide a roadmap for children and their families.

Learn more about the Thrive Treatment Model.

At our Alliance center in North Fort Worth, TX, you’ll find the same bright, fun, center-based, high-quality ABA therapy and compassionate, results-driven clinical team.  And coming soon, our Burleson, TX center in the South Fort Worth area. 

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Autism affects the whole family — that’s why our team helps support your family with the knowledge and skills you need to help your child thrive. Click the button below to get started.