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Our Personalized Approach to ABA Services

There’s a common saying: “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” Autism is a spectrum, and each child’s needs are unique. At Thrive Behavior Centers, we provide ABA services that are personalized to your child.

We avoid the cookie-cutter approach that is common at many ABA centers; instead, we make sure to get all important information about your child from the person who knows them best … you.

Our clinical team is well-versed in the science of ABA, but we’re also committed to being a caring and supportive resource for your family. We specialize in early intervention because we know how important those early years are. Our clinicians and technicians build relationships with you so we can work together to help your child thrive.

The Thrive Treatment Model

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Our clinical team provides specialized ABA services – we’re experts in Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI). That means we help early learners, usually toddlers to early elementary age kids, meet developmental milestones. The foundation of EIBI treatment is intensive, one-on-one ABA therapy that teaches functional communication and play, along with social skills and self-care skills like toilet training. At the same time, our personalized ABA services help reduce challenging behaviors. Parent training is also a critical part of our treatment model.

Focus on Communication

When we talk about behavior change, we often think of challenging behaviors like intense tantrums. But kids with autism tend to engage in those behaviors because they struggle to communicate. That’s why we focus on communication at Thrive Behavior Centers.

Gaining the ability to tell you what they want or how they’re feeling is life-changing for a child with autism. Our ABA services are built on the concept that intensive intervention now will lead to lasting behavior changes, which will decrease your child’s need for extra support further down the road. Our personalized approach to ABA services for early learners can have lasting, life-changing effects on communication skills.

Practical Parent Education

The Thrive Treatment Model is centered on a team approach to ABA services, and parent training and education plays a key role. Research has shown that just sending your child to ABA therapy isn’t enough. Real changes in all behaviors, including increased communication, social and daily living skills, all come from consistency across environments. At Thrive Behavior Centers, we ask for your commitment to ensure your child is getting the most out of their ABA services.

Kids with autism learn differently. That means they don’t always respond to “traditional” parenting or discipline. We’re not here to judge your parenting. Our BCBAs are committed to teaching you practical ways to apply proven ABA techniques and strategies at home.

What We Teach

Communication is key to every interaction. If children can’t tell the people around them what they want, it’s frustrating for everyone. At Thrive Behavior Centers, the primary focus of our ABA services is teaching functional communication skills. Our team has experience teaching a variety of communication methods — we’ll find the one that works for your child.

At Thrive Behavior Centers, our job is to work ourselves out of a job. To do that, we teach your child the skills they need for the next steps on their learning journey.

Most people don’t realize that we all learn to learn. It takes a set of skills, like being able to sit still, pay attention to a teacher, and communicate effectively before you can really learn reading or math. Our team can help prepare your child to learn in and out of the classroom.

Our ABA services are also effective for teaching self-care skills like toileting, feeding, hygiene, and dressing. Our team works to increase your child’s independence. We also teach children to clean up after themselves and even do some small household chores. More independence for your child means you have more freedom to enjoy your time together as a family.

Many kids with autism struggle with social interactions. Some children avoid eye contact and can seem like they’re “in their own world.” And some kids clearly want to interact with others, but aren’t sure how.

Relationships make life meaningful. Our team finds fun ways to help teach children how to interact with and enjoy the world around them.

Parent training is an essential part of our ABA services at Thrive Behavior Centers. We teach you the concepts that make ABA therapy so effective and practical ways to apply them with your child.

Our Centers

Centers Designed for Play-Based Learning

Thrive Behavior Centers are bright and kid-friendly. Your child’s day at ABA therapy often resembles a school or preschool environment, but with a one-to-one Behavior-Technician-to-child ratio. Throughout the day, we use research-based ABA strategies and techniques to teach your child functional skills that they’ll use throughout their lives.

We are also aware that your child is just that — a child. You’ll often see our Behavior Technicians and BCBAs on the floor with your child, singing songs, blowing bubbles, and acting silly … all to make learning fun.

Safety and Accountability

We know it can be difficult to leave your child somewhere new. Our centers have cameras in all therapy rooms and common areas to encourage safety and accountability. Our BCBAs can also access the video through a secure server, so even if they aren’t in the room, they can see new skills developing or analyze the best way to help reduce a challenging behavior. Videos are also a great resource for training our staff and sharing milestones and strategies with parents during our parent education and training sessions.

Fun, Flexible Learning Spaces

Our therapy rooms are designed for learning and playing. Our private and semi-private therapy rooms give your child a quiet, calm learning environment.  These therapy rooms are designed to reduce distractions and avoid sensory overload that can make it hard for kids with autism to learn new skills. They’re also the perfect size to play in small groups and build social skills while playing games, building with blocks, or creating arts and crafts projects.

Each center also has a fun space with playground equipment that’s designed for naturalistic teaching and to help meet sensory needs. We also have space for circle time, group games, and — most importantly — for getting the wiggles out. Each center has crash mats, play structures, and sensory swings.

Purposeful Play, All Day

Our clients are kids, and we treat them like kids. ABA therapy doesn’t have to be boring or robotic. We set up fun learning opportunities throughout every session, even at lunch and snack times. We get creative with arts and crafts, sing songs, play games, and incorporate giggles, smiles, and silliness into every therapy session.

Your Child's Therapy Team

ABA services are different from other types of therapy. ABA therapy for early learners is usually more intensive (up to 30-40 hours per week) and requires more professionals on your child’s therapy team. At Thrive Behavior Centers, we invest in the best clinicians and technicians so your child gets the best ABA services possible.


Our ABA services include a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) leading your child’s team. Our BCBAs are clinical supervisors and have extensive experience helping early learners meet milestones. Your child’s BCBA is in charge of your child’s personalized treatment and works with you to make sure your child stays on track. BCBAs don’t usually work directly with your child, but they supervise therapy sessions, constantly monitor your child’s progress, and shape treatment.


Behavior Technicians conduct your child’s one-on-one therapy sessions under a BCBA’s supervision. Each therapy team usually has one BCBA and at least two Behavior Technicians. Thrive Behavior Centers’ Behavior Technicians must all earn their Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification. That means our technicians meet a higher ethical standard for ABA services and have more in-depth ABA knowledge. We also have an intensive training process to make sure our technicians have the tools they need to help your child succeed.


We’re committed to your child’s success. We listen. We’re supportive. We love being a part of every new milestone your child accomplishes.

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