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What to Bring to Therapy
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September 30, 2020

What to Bring to Therapy

Packing your child up for a day at Thrive is much like sending them to school.  Here’s some information on what your child will need at therapy.

Thrive Behavior Centers do not provide meals or snacks, diapers, wipes or extra clothing. Your child will have a cubby for storing their personal items and a therapy bag for their personal therapy materials.

Your child should bring the following personal items daily as applicable:
• Backpack and lunchbox/bag
• Enough food and drink for two snacks (morning and afternoon) and lunch
• Ice pack as needed for keeping cold lunch items cold.
• Eating utensils (water bottle, cup, plate, bowl)
• 2 full sets of extra clothing (including extra socks and shoes)
• Diaper and wipes (if needed)
• Any personal items as requested by BCBA (chewy, personal use materials, etc.)
• Communication device or digital visual schedule as directed by BCBA

Due to concerns about common allergies, Thrive Behavior Centers are nut-free facilities. Please do not send peanut products or other products containing tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) with your child to therapy. If you need some alterative options for your child’s lunch or snack, please ask your child’s BCBA.

Please label everything! All of your child’s personal property should be labeled prior to arrival at therapy. Many of our clients use similar lunchboxes, cups, etc. Labeling is the best way to make sure your child returns home with his or her personal property.

Please avoid sending personal items and toys, as these items are easily lost and may be used by other children. Thrive Behavior Centers is not responsible for any damaged or lost property, including iPods, communication devices, toys and other materials.

We provide microwaves so that your child’s therapist can warm up his or her lunch. If you wish to have your child’s lunch heated up, please write instructions on a note in the lunchbox. Please prepare all lunch items prior to placing them in your child’s lunch, as microwaves are for heating for short durations (less than two minutes), rather than preparing meals.

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