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ABA therapy at Thrive Behavior Centers

ABA Therapy Is Personal at Thrive Behavior Centers

Unlike centers that practice cookie-cutter ABA therapy, Thrive Behavior Centers’ experienced team creates personalized treatment plans for your child. Get started today.

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From Surviving to Thriving

The First Steps to Real Help

Autism can leave families stuck in survival mode, unsure of how to help their child. At Thrive Behavior Centers, our clinical team is led by a mom who has been there with her own child's autism diagnosis. Our personal approach to ABA therapy is designed to meet your child's unique needs. The first steps to getting real help are simple. We invite you to move past surviving and start thriving.

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Functional Communication Skills

If your child can’t tell the people around him what he wants, it’s frustrating for everyone. At Thrive Behavior Centers, our primary focus is teaching functional communication skills.

Learning Readiness Skills

At Thrive Behavior Centers, our job is to work ourselves out of a job. To do that, we teach your child the skills they need for the next steps on their learning journey.

Self-Care and Daily Living Skills

ABA therapy is also effective to teach self-care skills like toileting, feeding, hygiene and dressing. At Thrive Behavior Centers, we work to increase your child’s independence.

Social Skills

Relationships make life meaningful. We find fun ways to help teach your child to be able to interact with the world around him.

Parent Education and Training

Parent training is an essential part of ABA therapy at Thrive Behavior Centers. We teach you the concepts that make ABA so effective and practical ways to apply them with your child.

ABA therapy to help your child thrive

Get Started With Personalized ABA Therapy at Thrive Behavior Centers

The First Step Is Fast and Easy!

Get ABA therapy that meets your child’s unique needs. Our dedicated team works with you to build your child’s strengths and help them move beyond their challenges. We’re ready to show you all the ways your child can thrive!


Step 01

Get Started

The first step is simple! Just fill out our quick and easy form.

Step 02

Initial Consultation

For your child’s initial consultation, our team will schedule a complimentary consultation with a staff member. They can answer questions about ABA therapy, our specialized treatment model, and why personalized ABA therapy is so important.  This is also a great time to ask questions about our ABA services and centers to ensure we’re the best fit for your family.

Step 03

Clinical Evaluation

You and your child will meet with a BCBA for a play-based clinical evaluation at one of our bright, kid-friendly centers.

Step 04

Starting Therapy

Waiting is difficult when you are trying to get help for your child. Our centers are accepting new clients now. We’re committed to starting your child’s therapy as soon as possible.

In-Network Insurance Plans

Thrive Behavior Centers are in-network, or in the process of gaining in-network status, with most major insurance plans. If we’re not in-network with your plan yet, we may be able to create a single-case agreement with your insurance provider or arrange for out-of-network coverage.

ABA therapy insurance information

Learn About Insurance Coverage for Your Child’s ABA Therapy

Our clinicians are your child’s advocates! Our treatment plans are clinically sound, to reduce insurance hiccups and make sure your child gets the therapy they need.

Texas law requires most Texas-based insurance companies to cover ABA therapy for diagnosed children. Learn how authorization will be based on your child’s age, diagnosis severity, assessment results, and treatment needs, as well as your participation.

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