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Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy
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October 01, 2020

Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy

Texas law requires most insurance companies based in Texas to cover ABA therapy for young children diagnosed with autism. Most insurance  companies require authorization based on medical need before ABA therapy can begin. The intensity of treatment coverage (i.e., number of hours per week covered) is determined by several factors, including your child’s age, severity of diagnosis, participation in public school (if over age six), assessment results, and parent participation in treatment. Criteria can vary depending on the insurance company.

The Thrive Team does most of the work for you when it comes to getting coverage authorized. We contact your insurer and provide the information needed to begin the process. Then our clinicians conduct thorough assessments and develop detailed treatment plans designed to make the case to insurance for recommended treatment intensity. Our clinicians advocate on your child’s behalf to make sure your child has access to the services he or she needs.

Other Funding Sources

  • Private Funding or Self-Pay  If your insurance does not cover ABA therapy, we can work with you. Contact us regarding private funding or self-pay options.
  • Additional Funding and Grants  There are multiple generous organizations and foundations that help families cover the costs of ABA therapy.

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